QuestionBank is a software application that enables students to hone their knowledge in a particular subject area by performing repeated and varied self-assessments drawn from a large database of questions. The question database is created by professors who are currently teaching the subject or who have taught the subject in the past, or by importing questions from old quizzes or exams. Questions are organized into topic areas that mimic the lectures in which they are covered. Topics can be aggregated into generic containers such as Quiz 1 or Exam 1, enabling students to prepare easily for graded in-class assessments.

The QuestionBank application supports any type of multiple-choice question. This format allows assessments to be graded immediately, so students can see their results right away. Question administrators can choose to include an explanation of the answer for each question. These explanations appear only after an assessment is completed, allowing students to learn from their mistakes.

Students have the option of registering accounts on the QuestionBank software. Doing so will let them to track their progress over time, since all assessments taken through QuestionBank are recorded. Question administrators can also use this data to generate reports on student performance that highlight subject areas where improvement is needed.

Both students and administrators access QuestionBank through a standard Web browser. The Web-based interface guarantees access to the application regardless of the user's computer-operating system.

QuestionBank is server software that runs on either the Mac OS X or Redhat Linux operating systems. Running the application requires a Web server and a database server. The application currently supports the following configurations:

The Mac OS X operating system and server hardware can be purchased from Apple Computer Inc. at

The Redhat Linux Operating system can be purchased from Redhat Inc. at The professional edition of this operating system retails for $199.95. It runs on most computer hardware based on the x86 (Intel) chip architecture.

Both operating systems include the required Apache Web Server software, although new versions can be downloaded freely from

The MySQL Database Server is available for download and purchase from the MySQL AB Company at . It costs either $200.00 or $395.00, depending upon which version is purchased.

QuestionBank Pricing Options

  1. Deployed (Software) Solution
    1 license for a course of no more than 150 students (limit of 50 topics or 500 questions): $1,500. The deployed solution includes free upgrades and email-based support for the first six months after the date of purchase.

  2. Hosted Solution
    1 license for a course of no more than 150 students (limit of 50 topics or 500 questions): $500 setup fee + $200/mo for hosting. The hosted solution includes free upgrades to the latest version of the QuestionBank software, regular data backup, and email support for the duration of the hosting period. If you should later choose to purchase the QuestionBank software, the $500 setup fee will be deducted from the purchase price. In the event of a license purchase, question data will be transferred from a hosted to a deployed installation.

Currently we are offering three months of free hosting with the purchase of the deployed solution. During this period, we will host your installation on the latest version of QuestionBank for free. At the end of this period, you will have the option to continue hosting at the regular monthly charge or migrate your data in-house.

Thanks for taking the time to evaluate QuestionBank! For further information or to request a demo contact us at